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MINImax Tinyverse welcomes all those avid gamers and content creators who would like to help us to share the tinyverse with the rest of the world.

 We especially welcome those who enjoy the game and love our characters.

 Those who enjoy interacting with other people and the community.

 Those with constructive and positive attitude to help the game become more fun.

 Those who are consistent, active in social media and who are passionate about streaming or content creating.

 And more than anything, MINImax Tinyverse welcomes to all those who believe that tiny is mighty!

Outline[edit | edit source]

We are currently looking for people who are passionate about Strategy games like MINImax Tinyverse and would like to participate more actively in our community and game content creation.

COACH[edit | edit source]

We are looking for people who are confident with their skills in MINImax Tinyverse and believe that can help other players to become good in the game.

STAR PLAYER[edit | edit source]

We are looking for people who are actively participating in our tournaments and displaying high level skills.

CREATOR[edit | edit source]

We are looking for people who are in love with MINImax Tinyverse gameplay, art or lore and would like to make contents out of it.

COACH[edit | edit source]

Coaches system is done on MINImax Tinyverse Official Discord. There will be a rules chat and well as a chat where players will be able to submit their applications.

Each coach if he receives one or more applications will have a special chat on Discord that they can manage, provide coaching resources, communicate with players that want to receive coaching.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

For reward sake coaching can be done in private sessions or VOD reviews. One VOD review counts as a session. Rewards increase with amount of coaching you do. Each session will bring a Coach 10 Ether. After the completed session their reward will be 20 Ether for completed session.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

To apply for Coach Role you have to fulfill the following requirements.

  • Must be level 10 in game at least on one of the realms
  • Must have achieved Silver V rank or above

Apply for Coach[edit | edit source]

To apply to become a coach, please fill out this Google form.

  • Discord ID: [response]
  • In Game ID:[response]
  • Region & Time Zone: [response]
  • Current Season Rank: [response]
  • Highest rank of all time: [response]
  • Realm of preference: [Creaea, Aillai]
  • Top 3 Champions: [response]
  • Coaching Experience (if any): [response]
  • Why You’d Like To Coach: [response]
  • Brief Introduction: [response]

Once you have been accepted, you can post your introduction in #coaches using the form pinned in that channel. You can do it in your own native language.

CREATOR[edit | edit source]

MINImax Tinyverse is calling recruitment for special group of players who would like to be creatively challenged while gaining recognition inside community and representing the player base for players to come.

We are looking for streamers and youtubers who are interested in making themed content on a regular basis and receiving list of benefits in return.

How does this work[edit | edit source]

Once becoming Creator, you will be joining exclusive Discord were Dev team and you can communicate. Monthly requirement for each Creator are:

Option 1. One Video about MINImax Tinyverse with minimum length of 10 min.

Option 2. During the course of one month Stream 10+ hours of MINImax Tinyverse.

“But what will I do video or stream about?” you ask. Once you become an official Creator for MINImax Tinyverse, we expect high-quality content and we value quality over quantity.

Every month we will give you a list of themes. You will have to choose one of the themes and use it to create your content. That will help us ensure that the game is represented in the best way possible.

The theme will be open-ended to make sure you can create contents in your way and concepts with other Creators would not overlap.

Creators Benefits[edit | edit source]

Creators will have their preferred stream/content channel displayed in our Community in-game menu, and additionally, the MINImax Tinyverse contents will be featured in our Stream and Social Channels.

  • Creators receive special role on MINImax Tinyverse Official Discord.
  • Creators will become part of exclusive discord, where they will receive updates about game development first before it is announced to the public.
  • Creators’s Streams of MINImax Tinyverse will be announced on official Discord.
  • Preview of Creator contents about MINImax Tinyverse will be featured on MINImax Twitch Channel credits and with links to the original video/ creator channel.
  • Creators are eligible for extra in-game rewards, if they plan to organize tournaments/community events among their viewers/community.
  • After successful passing of the first 2 month of cooperation between MINImax Tinyverse and Creators, Creators will receive an exclusive T-Shirt with Name Tag.

How to Apply[edit | edit source]

Please submit a video (min. 5 minutes long) or Stream VOD(Saved as Highlight) that is related to MINImax Tinyverse. The video or Stream VOD should show us why we should pick you.

Make sure to have audio, commentary, and to show us how you plan to create content for the game. For example, a video where you develop a strategy around Ice, or a stream where you show the new aspects of the game etc.

We will be reviewing the videos to estimate if your style matches our portrait of MINImax Creator.

  • Discord ID:
  • In Game ID:
  • Languages spoken:
  • Language I create content in:
  • I am a: (Streamer/Youtuber)
  • I see myself doing option: (Number 1/Number 2)
  • I would like to submit this content to apply: (Please insert link)
  • I am motivated to create content for MINImax because:
  • My highest number of followers is on_______ and there are _____ of them.

Please submit your answers on our Google Form.

General Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • Produced contents should not feature any copyrighted music.
  • Produced contents should comply with community guidelines of platforms that are being posted.
  • Produced contents should not feature any other game in the same VOD/video.

STAR PLAYER[edit | edit source]

Our team here on MINImax Tinyverse is highly interested in our best players. Star Player is a monthly title that gives you certain benefits and privileges in MINImax Tinyverse Community.

How to Become a Star Player[edit | edit source]

In order to become MINImax Tinyverse player you will have to achieve the title of Regional winner in recent monthly World Tournament tournament.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Star Players get special start in their Nickname on Discord as well as special role on Discord.

These players will be asked for an interview to make them known among the community, what are their strategies or advice to other players, who are their outside of MINImax world.

They also become main stars of special Discord `chat called “Star Player Chronicles”.

In this chat we will have reenactment of what happened with this players during last week.

Suggestions[edit | edit source]

We will be considering future additional benefits, and we will welcome ideas from the community and interested people.

You can send us your suggestions to our:

- email:

- discord channel: