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United States
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nohavenameiwant is a high-tier MINImax Tinyverse player from the North America region.


MINImax Tinyverse: When did you start playing MINImax Tinyverse?

Nohavenameiwant: I started to play MINImax Tinyverse around a year ago.

MMTV: Which Champion don't you like playing against?

N: Murrakah as he is by far the strongest champion and can make Fainuke non-existent in the game.

MMTV: What do you think is important to consider when you make a team build?

N: The most important thing when it comes to making a build is finding the perfect balance between utility, damage, and defense: have too much of one thing and lack another leads to much more difficult matches.

MMTV: What was your motivation in joining MINImax Tinyverse tournaments?

N: For fun and to show people that you don't need to play Meta decks in order to be in the high rankings :)

MMTV: Is there a player that inspires you?

N: No not really, I try and do my own thing and come up with my own builds.

MMTV: What was your first experience with video games?

N: Contra on my uncles Super Nintendo. I was able to get to the 5th level on the 3 lives the game gives you.

MMTV: Any music you like to listen to while playing video games?

N: No I don't listen to any music while I play, my ADHD kicks in and I can't focus on the game.

MMTV: Any fun facts about you?

N: I'm starting the Thunder Lords Cult for Fainuke.

MMTV: What advice would you give a new player?

G: Don't spend your resources all the time, sending 5 units over a span of 20 seconds is worse than waiting 20 seconds and sending 5 units all at once.

Highlight strategy

Nohavenameiwant has made himself famous for his strategy based on Fainuke.

He proved to be very talented in keeping Fainuke alive using his Miracles and the river line.

He made the best of Fainuke's ability to accumulate stacks using Stactick shock and Thunder Blow.

His strategy paid off and allowed him to reach World Tournament Finals several times.

Watch the replay:


World Tournament - September 2019

He was the North America continent winner for the August World Tournament and represented North America in the World Finals against 아비가일

World Tournament - October 2019

He was the North America continent winner for the October World Tournament and represented North America in the World Finals against Gital

Raid Boss

nohavenameiwant was the initial raid boss during the Weekly Raid Boss event. He was victorious in the event, only losing 5 of his 15 lives.