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MINImax Tinyverse welcomes all those avid gamers and content creators who would like to help us to share the tinyverse with the rest of the world.

 We especially welcome those who enjoy the game and love our characters.

 Those who enjoy interacting with other people and the community.

 Those with constructive and positive attitude to help the game become more fun.

 Those who are consistent, active in social media and who are passionate about streaming or content creating.

 And more than anything, MINImax Tinyverse welcomes to all those who believe that tiny is mighty!

Partnership Benefits[edit | edit source]

You can have access to many cool features in the game and the community as a Verified Partner.

1 5 Two Realms Unlock pack keys after MINImax Tinyverse starts its Early Access on Steam. (You can read the Two Realms Unlock pack description at the end of this page)
2 Preferred stream/content channel being displayed in our LINK FOR YOU menu VERIFIED PARTNER section, and additionally, the MINImax Tinyverse contents will be featured in our Stream and Social Channels.
3 MINImax Tinyverse Verified Partner T-shirt and an original exclusive Artwork signed by Chinchintar (Game Director), PorkSoda (Art Director), and DiabloTheFun (CEO)
4 Verified Mark/Badge in the game UI that will distinguish them from other players, and the role of Verified Partner in our official Discord.
5 Exclusive items/skins for our Verified Partner and his/her community.
6 Freshly updated news of what is coming and we will be especially asking for feedback and ideas from our Verified partners.

Important![edit | edit source]

- Some of the benefits will be start being implemented with the first updates of Early Access.

- Additional benefits might be given to our Verified Partners in the near future.

- The Verified Partnership and its benefits are automatically removed from the partner who does not fulfill the requirements of partnership listed below.

Verified Partnership Requirements[edit | edit source]

Common Requirements[edit | edit source]

1 The Verified partner has to abide by the community guidelines of their content platforms and MINImax Tinyverse community platforms.
2 The contents are free of any inappropriate material and suitable to be featured on our social media channels.
3 These requirements will be assessed on a monthly basis after Early Access.

If you are Streamer[edit | edit source]

1 1000 or more followers
2 16 hours of Monthly Streaming of MINImax Tinyverse (at least 4 hours weekly)
3 2 engaging video contents per month (You can ask more questions to the CMs)

If you are Contents Creator (Youtube or so on)[edit | edit source]

1 1000 or more subscribers
2 At least 2 MINImax related contents per month (You can ask more questions to the CMs

If you are other Contents Creator (Comics, Novel, Artwork or so on)[edit | edit source]

You can e-mail Community Managers and set terms including your required monthly works.

How to apply for Verified Partnership[edit | edit source]

First, you should write an application which includes the contents below.

1 Partner ID (Streamer ID, Content Creator ID)
2 Stream Platform or channel link
3 How did you find out about MINImax Tinyverse?
4 Your Discord Server link (if you have one)
5 Why would you like to Stream MINImax?

Then, you can email us at with the application!

We will review all applications and we will be posting the results in our Discord and Steam Community Hub.

Additional selection periods will also be announced in the future.

Follow us on twitter for quick updates:

Two Realms Unlock pack[edit | edit source]

미막 캡쳐이미지.PNG

With this pack, you can remove all the realm-locks on any Champion / Miracle / Trooper from both Creaea and Aillai currently available and also in the future!

Plus, you can also obtain in-game resources to get Champion / Trooper / Miracle you want. (12,000 Blue for Aillai / 12,000 Red for Creaea)

※ Caution : Please keep in mind that this pack is not refundable since the items described above are applied immediately in the game.

[Notice : Champion / Miracle / Trooper require certain Realm Player Level to be used.]

Suggestions[edit | edit source]

We will be considering future additional benefits for our Verified Streamers, and we will welcome ideas from the community and interested people.

You can send us your suggestions to our:

email: [|]

discord channel:

※ We may make changes to this Verified Partnership Policy in the future. We will notify you and other users by posting a revised version of the Verified Partnership policy.

Any changes to this Verified Partnership Policy will take effect after a reasonable time span as set forth in the notice of such changes.