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The Lobby[edit | edit source]

Get to know how to navigate into the lobby of MINImax Tinyverse, located in an antique shop.

Game Modes[edit | edit source]

Learn how to play the different game modes of MINImax Tinyverse.

Basic game mechanics and Rules[edit | edit source]

Learn the basic mechanics and rules of MINImax Tinyverse.

Attack and Armor types[edit | edit source]

In MINImax Tinyverse there are 6 different attack types and 6 different armor types: Learn more about this basic game mechanic.

Miracles Interactions[edit | edit source]

In MINImax Tinyverse, you can perform miracles to help your MINIs during the fights. Some of the miracles have interactions between them. Watch our tutorial and learn more about their Synergies and counter!

Hunting the Mole[edit | edit source]

Did you know that you can hunt the Moles that work fixing the fence near the water paths? That would even give you extra rations for your troopers! Learn how to get extra rations!

Day and Night[edit | edit source]

Do you know everything about the Night and Day game mechanics? Learn how to turn it to your advantage!